Welcome to the History Department

“The study of History is the beginning of wisdom” Jean Bodin (1530-1596)

Department Teachers

Mr. J. Mc Namara, Mr. P. Conole, Ms. O. Duffy, Ms. O. Veale, Ms. M.Linnane and Ms. E. Burke.

The aim of the History Department is to afford students the opportunity to explore and develop their knowledge of local history in their area, while also allowing the students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the contemporary world through the study of the past.

History Education Programme

Junior Cycle

Our students follow the syllabus set down by the Department of Education and Skills.

This syllabus aims to ensure our students:

ü      Acquire knowledge and understanding of human activity in the past

ü      Understand the contemporary world through the study of the past

ü      Develop conceptual understanding

ü      Develop the ability to think independently

ü      Develop an interest and enthusiam for history

ü      Learn to value their local heritage

Syllabus outline:

ü      Syllabus is divided into three sections

ü      Framework is in chronological order, spanning prehistoric times to the late 20th century

Year 1

The Work of Historians and Archaeologists

Early Ireland and the Middle Ages

Life in Ancient Rome


Year 2

Age of Exploration

Reform within the Church



Social Change – Industrial Revolution

Year 3

Political Developments in the 20th Century – Irish and European

Social History in the 20th Century


The History syllabus is assessed at two levels, Ordinary Level and Higher Level at the end of third year. Students are allocated 1 hour 30 minutes to complete Ordinary Level and 2 hours 30 minutes at Higher Level.

The main text book currently being used in this school is:

Timeline by M.de Buitléir, G.Henry, T.Nyhan and S.Tonge

This text book is supplemented by relevant extra resources, for example history exam papers, handouts, power point displays and guest speakers.

Senior Cycle:

At leaving Certificate level students choose between modules on European, World and Irish History.A major part of the course is where students undertake a research project of their own chosen topic.

The research topic is worth 20% of their final mark but perhaps more importantly allows students the opportunity to experience the work of the historian at first hand.

Many of our students have completed excellent accounts of local studies such as The Loughnane Brothers and The Ballyturn Ambush. Numbers choosing to study History at Gort Community School has been on the rise in recent years, an indication of the popularity of the new syllabus.

“History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time”, Cicero (106BC – 43BC)